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Acoustic Singer/Songwriter

background and bio

I grew up around music for a majority of my life. My father was a DJ for hire on the weekends which exposed me to a large swath of music. I bought my first guitar in November of 1998 & my early influences were Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, and Howlin' Wolf along with The Doors, Grateful Dead, Phish, Neil Young...and really the list is just too long to transcribe here. Suffice it to say, "I love music...".

I've played in a 3-piece blues band, a 5-piece jam band, and am currently a member of a Grateful Dead tribute band and having the time of my life. During all of this, I've continued to play solo acoustic shows. It's where I started and cut my teeth and I don't think I'll ever stop.

Nearly 20 years of experience...

The many places I've played over the years span from Jackson Hole, Wy to Charlotte, NC and from Michigan to Florida with many places in between. Some of the high notes have been The Slippery Noodle Inn and The Mousetrap Bar & Grill in Indianapolis, Stanley's Pub in Cincinnati and the many small festivals, parties, open mics and get-togethers that are too many to count. I was fortunate enough to share a stage with Robert Randolph & The Family Band and record in a booth that Neil Young recorded in. It's been a fun ride and I hope it doesn't end any time soon.

"Magic is what we do. Music is how we do it."

Jerry Garcia

Max Headroom - A Josh Mast original

recorded by stoplight sounds

Backbone Rattle - A Josh Mast Original

Taking Water

(Billy Strings Cover)

Space oddity

(David Bowie Cover)

sixteen Tons

in spite of ourselves

(Tennesee Ernie Ford Cover)

(John prine cover)

booking info

Playing in and around Indiana... (or really anywhere)


additional pages...

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Products taken directly from Josh's canvases.